Brand Pillars

Excellence in turn key store set up

Growth through coaching

Revenue through sales training

Beauty through good design

Safety. This is where everyone thrives, when the focus and attention is put on the people, both the customer and the sales team.


RFTP Interiors

Brand Values

Always learning

Stay humble

Growth is painful but good

Stay open and curious

Taking healthy risks in the context of a supportive community is good

Retail Industry What If - The Dream

What if we lived in a world where the check out clerk working at foot locker, or the stockroom guy at Bloomingdales or the Key holder at the gap felt like they were appreciated by their managers or superiors? What if the channels of communication were open and safe? What if the focus for the store wasn’t on meeting just the sales and revenue goals but on building the team to be extraordinary?

What would it look like if the retail sales associates felt empowered to give honest feedback? And even more important, if they felt like their managers cared about them as an individual, as a Human?

What if they were working for more than just that Clock in and clock out? What would Retail look like if the sales associates felt like they had the permission to dream?

What if Retail was a catalyst, the tool needed to gain skills about human behaviors, hospitality, business acumen and social skills that would then position a sales associate to step into something bigger?

I believe Retail done well is the catalyst for building strong neighborhoods, grand teams and that when done well can change communities and has a ripple effect that can and will change the world.

What if managers used their position to ask good questions, explore and understand who is really apart of their teams? How many of you have worked in retail and had a horrible boss, manager or supervisor? Seems you or someone you know has experienced the dehumanizing effects this industry imparts. And for what reason? I want a better, stronger world where we care about each other and the people on the front lines of the sales and fashion industry. Together we can create what can be the future and it all hinges on the people.