5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Book an Appointment with a Retail Coach


1) Do you have a vision for your life?

Start to treat your business like it’s an extension of yourself because it is. You’ve created your business to show those around you what you stand for and what you want to offer to the world.  While life and work can feel disconnected, the decisions you make in life will ultimately impact the successes or failures in your business. Find the things that motivate you to move forward in life. What does moving forward mean to you - what do you want to accomplish? A clear vision for your future will enlighten and help solidify the goals of your business.

2) What is the dream you have for your business?

Assess your long-term goals and examine the ways you define success for your business. Success is relative; only you will know if that means acting on a global or local scale. As a small thought exercise, imagine a world where everything you wished for in your business came true - what does that look like? Then ask yourself, what small steps can you take today, thirty days from now, ninety days from now and a year from now that will help make that dream a reality?

3) What are the three biggest challenges you face in your business?

Examine the pain points in your business, think about the largest areas of stress your business gives you. Find the things that you “put up with” and drain your energy. When things become hectic, it’s easy to walk ourselves into compromises. What are the decisions you’ve made that were made from a place of fear or laziness? We will talk ourselves into believing that these pain points are unavoidable or “the way things are”, generally that’s just not true. Start taking an objective approach and discover the real obstacles preventing you from accomplishing your goals.

4) What are you 3 biggest accomplishments to date?

Consider your successes since you started your business. Think about those accomplishments and the ways in which you achieved that success. What are the strategies that helped you earn that success? You’ll find that strategies you have used previously can be re-applied to other areas of your business.

5.) What do you hope to accomplish working with a coach?

Examine the short-term and long-term goals of your organization - what are the most urgent needs of your business that you need help with. Do you need help identifying business opportunities? Do you need help creating a vision or strategy for your business? Provide feedback on management or employee issues?

A professionally-trained life coach will help you set clear goals that are in alignment with your intention. They will not do the work for you, but be an advocate for you to accomplish your goals. Work with your life coach to set a reasonable time frame. It is important to remember, that it may have taken you months or years to get stuck in your current issue. It will likely take more than one session to start moving in a forward direction. Most coaches will offer packages to help support you in your mission.