Retail & Pop-Up Weekly Digest, July 20th

Dover Street Market is meeting brands in the middle in terms of the setup of the’s supported a more nimble, self-expressive format for brands by giving them the creative space to control, not fitting them into a space. The regular drops and delivery are a way to support brands in a way that other retailers are not set up to do.

-Brady Donnelly, founder and managing director of the creative agency Hungry on How Dover Street Market’s streetwear-inspired merchandising strategy works.

  • Dover Street Market is giving brands control over their merchandising, allow localized, streetwear-driven brands with a corporate mindset the power to reach customers on a whole new level. 
Retailers who are on-trend, online, localized, promote and personalize will succeed...

-Charisse Jacques, A.T. Kearney Principal on how Focused general merchandise strategy is the key to success. 

  • In order to grow sales and compete, retailers must stop thinking about general merchandise as a monolithic category and instead focus on the potential of individual segments. While seemingly simple, some retailers are struggling to focus their categories. 


I don’t think we’re going to call them influencer brands in the future — it’s just going to be brand. The way brands are growing, all brands have a huge social element whether it’s Glossier or Kylie Cosmetics.

-CEO of Digital Brands Product, Daniel Landver on the question; Are Influencer Brands key to bringing millennial to department stores? 

  • Department store retailers, who find themselves in a volatile financial situation are starting to think beyond influencer marketing by collaborating with these entrepreneurs on exclusive products and/or stocking their brands — and it's proven to be successful.