Retail and Fashion Weekly Digest, August 14th

Brands and marketers need to say, ‘We need to reflect the world around us regardless of what the data is showing us.’

Raina Penchansky, Vice President of Communications at Coach on The Evolution of the Influencer Economy.  

  • As brands start to invest more in the Influencer economy, they are beginning to realize that it isn't all about translating influencer for sales, rather the credibility of the relationship between the brand, product, and the influencer and how it affects the relationship with its customers. 


It’s a correction long in coming. But, along with entertainment and food services, commercial real estate developers are finding that America’s emerging remote workforce is offering them a lifeline.

Daphne Howland, Contributing Editor at Retail Dive on how coworking spaces may be the answer to retailers foot traffic problem.

  • Finding the closest WeWork might lead to great things for your retail/pop-up store. Coworking spaces are offering retailers a lifeline by providing them with an opportunity to dramatically increase foot traffic. 

It’s an omni-channel approach to reach the consumer who loves natural products, it’s not necessarily about what channel it is or how she finds us, but where she would be.

Shane Wolf L’Oréal’s global manager for Redken, Pureology and Mizani on how L’Oréal’s seed phytonutrients look to grow brick and mortar retail presence. 

  • Bucking brick and mortart retail trends, L’Oréal-incubated sustainable beauty brand Seed Phytonutrients is looking to expand its retail presence into 28 through a partnership with health-and-wellness store Pharmaca.