We are so honored to have gotten the amazing journey to collaborate with you. Your leadership and experience have made Alchemy Works thrive.
— Alchemy Works + Apolis Founder, Raan Parton
RFTP was a creative DREAM to work with. In [sourcing and] renovating our airstream into The Giving Keys first ever pop up shop, other than it being so delightful to work with her, (Krista + team) it was nice to feel I could trust her with color, material and design decisions. because she has such great taste. After you work with her, you will also want her to be your best friend.
— The Giving Keys Founder + CEO, Caitlin Crosby Benward
Thank you so much for helping us! We loved everything you did!! Couldn’t have done it without you!!!
— Reservoir Co-Owner, Alissa Jacob
The insight Krista has from years of experience, understanding the nuances of traffic patterns, merchandising, seemingly unrelated details—and how they all connect wis invaluable. Having a great way to track progress and apply to future sales goals made us much more stable than we would have been otherwise.
— Patrick Janelle, Founder Stay and Spring Street Social Society
She will ease the process in all the things you’re worried about. She loves doing the things that make most store owners cringe, haha.
— Selena K. Pop-Up Store Buyer
Krista comes with SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE, a perfect balance of the emotional, financial, and professional sides of business. She’s all you need to be a successful businessperson! Completely. Krista brought a wonderful balance of empathy and honesty, allowing me to really be vulnerable and express my frustration, while instilling in me the tools to build a stronger back bone.
— Sara R. Pop-Up Store Manager
Krista knows her industry well. She helps assess progress and setbacks weekly while working with team members to come up with solutions.
— Jennifer K. Pop-Up Store Sales Lead
From start to finish, the RFTP team is there with the right tools to help make retail a fun and successful experience. Training, operations, marketing and all the behind the scenes are overseen by talented and seasoned individuals who are there with all the answers when you need them. Easy communication with the latest digital innovations, positive and helpful feedback to help any clients retail or marketing goals grow. It was a pleasure being part of such a well-versed group of people, I can truly call friends.
— Monica G. Pop-Up Store Manager
It was a pleasure working with you. You were very hands-on, which was the most important to me. Always communicative and detail oriented when needed. Reliable, transparent, personable and helpful.
— Nola C. Pop-Up Store Sales Associate