The Faint Hearted


“The Faint Hearted is a new jewelry line designed and curated in the heart of Los Angeles. The Faint Hearted draws its influence from L.A.’s culture and merges the city’s modern, upscale lifestyle with some of its laid back vibes. The result is a collection of rings, necklaces and bracelets that can be worn for any occasion.

The Faint Hearted began as a thought that but never really came to life. Throughout her career, the creative director kept going in and out of the fashion industry, hoping to find a brand she can really connect with. After taking a year long hiatus from the fashion industry, she felt it was time to come back - after all, you can only be away from fashion for so long. This time she was ready to start her own brand and share her ideas with other girls. And so, The Faint Hearted, serves as a constant reminder to be fearless, take risks and embrace our (and your!) creativity.” (From the Faint Hearted website)

RFTP was responsible for taking the visual merchandising from oh-hum to bright and elegant just in time for the springtime launch of the new jewelry collection. The colors behind the visual inspiration were light grey, ballet pink, white, blush and rich green accents. We used cement vases, succulent and tropical plants as well as cement textured bust and ring displays to highlight the many ladylike and dainty necklaces and jewelry pieces. The t-bar stands were brass and marble to elevate and add a coolness to the displays. We kept the project on the very tight budget and quick timeline and we are proud of the results! Please visit the store at the newly redesign and developed Westfield Century City in Los Angeles!

website: | instagram: @thefaint_hearted

photos from The Faint Hearted

The Faint Hearted | RFTP
The Faint Hearted | RFTP
The Faint Hearted | RFTP