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Airstream Pop Up by Retail for the People for The Giving Keys

Concept Shops / Pop-Ups

We work closely with developers, property managers, artist and brands to create customized and one of a kind shopping experiences. We’ve contributed to projects at the Grove, Oculus and Platform LA but have also featured brands in unique spaces like airstreams, hotel rooftops and secret social clubs. From concept to creation we own every part of the process. We ensure the space represents your vision and brand’s goals, and we’ll put into place the systems to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Looking to take your e-commerce store or brand offline for a change? We can help with that too. We’ll work with you to find just the right space, transform it into the physical store of your dreams, and strategize with you to help you get your customers in the door.

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Nanushka Pop-Up by Retail for the People in Los Angeles

Store Experience Audit / Strategy

Physical retail hinges on the in-store experience. How does your store stand up against your competition? Have you given customers a reason to get off their couch and come shop in your physical store? If the answer is “no” or “maybe not” you need a retail store experience audit before you lose another customer from a lackluster or negative in-store experience. We want to elevate your store from a place to shop to an experience that your customer seeks out and gives them a reason to be loyal to you. This is where we can nerd out over tiny details because, everything matters and effects the bottom line. From the way a product is displayed, to how many are on the shelves, to how often your staff communicates and what they say to the customers needs to be taken into account.

“The in-store experience is everything.” -says every millennial shopper

There are a million possibilities of how to set up your space, but only a few configurations that defer to customer buying cues and behavior, while also helping to define your brand and give them a reason to come back. Give yourself a competitive advantage and let us audit your store (or stores) and give you an actionable plan which seamlessly fuses customer experience with overall brand vision.

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Krista J Boyer, Founder Retail for the People

One-on-One Retail Coaching

One-on-One Retail Coaching for store managers, store owners, and retail executives. We can work on specific areas you identify as your gaps, or we will go through our retail coaching program covering: Mission, Vision, Identifying the true customer, Store Operations, POS, Staffing, Staff Training, Customer Experience, Clientelling, In-Store events, Store layout, Store visuals and more!

Please note: Sessions take place over video conference. There is a three month contract minimum for one-one-one coaching.

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Alchemy Works Los Angeles Boys

Retail Store Team Development

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again in all caps, PEOPLE FIRST! Your team is the first point of contact customers have in your store, yet for most retailers, this is where they try and cut corners. It’s ok to hire inexperienced staff, hey we all have to start somewhere, but the mistake is in failing to invest time and energy into developing that staff to their full potential. Your store’s staff is your most valuable asset, and more important to the customer than anything on your shelves. Let us help you take your existing staff to the next level.